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Wing chun self defence

Soo Yoga is excited to bring you Wing Chun self-defence courses for kids, teens and adults.
In these Self-defence courses, students can improve their confidence, develop self-discipline, improve physical condition and street awareness. Self-defence can aid students particularly when they are walking alone at night after classes. That's the time when students are most vulnerable to attack. Self-defence techniques taught in our courses not only allows kid teens and adults to defend themselves against physical attacks, it also has diverse benefits for students in their everyday lives. Hard work, loyalty, patience, as well as self-confidence are all important values and principles taught in our classes.

What is Wing Ching Self

defence system

"Wing chun'' is a form of self defence invented by a woman "Ng Mui" over 300 years ago, translated into beautiful spring. It uses quick bursts of direct movements and techniques to harm its aggressor to escape. Wing chun uses natural body movements and uses all of the body parts to attack with elbows, shoulders, fingers and knees. It is an aggressive but soft art form, knowing when to tense and relax. Wing Chun's principles go with the flow of energy rather than forcing against it. Wing Chun uses the power of relaxed softness to overcome an opponent's force.

Notable practitioners of Wing Chun include Ip Chun, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Robert Downey Jr., Jason Statham, Nicholas Cage and Christian Bale.

There are 3 ways to learn wing chun. One of those ways is through forms. Forms develop the correct movements and shapes for using wing chun more effectively. Many martial artists use forms to help learn the punches and kicks within a sequence. Most of the forms are based on buddhism and taoism ideology.

Chi sao
(sensitivity training)

Chi sao (sensitivity training) also known as sticky hands. This is a unique movement based on wing chun. That allows someone to feel their opponents' energy to redirect the force. This is a show that uses more than just eyes within a fight. This can help develop reflexes, form and knowing when to strike.

Lat sao
(fight drills)

Lat sao (fight drills) this is to put wing chun principles into practice, learning to handle real life situations such as someone throwing many punches to knife attacks. Lat sao can create a lot of pressure and speed to be unleashed upon the aggressor.

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Taught by Matt Wood who grew up in Northampton and started training wing Chun Kung fu at the age of 13 years old. He reached a high level in wing Chun and started to compete, along side this he achieved a level 3 diploma in dance. Matt eventually moved to London to study at the national centre for the circus arts and achieved a BA Degree as a Acro staff manipulator. He is now acrobatics and self defence coach at Soo Yoga kids academy.

Sundays 07/08 - 04/09 £35

Sundays 07/08 - 04/09 £45

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