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Pregnancy & POSTNATAL Classes in Northampton

Reduces Labour Pain

Reduced Anxiety

Improves wellbeing

Our beginner Reformer classes, which are friendly for both pregnancy and postnatal stages, adopt a gentler approach. We incorporate simpler exercises, tailored to accommodate every phase of your pregnancy. For safety, we recommend starting these classes in your second trimester (after 12 weeks), when the likelihood of feeling tired or nauseous decreases. For those who conceived via IVF, it's advisable to wait until around the 20-week mark before commencing classes.


Engaging in regular fitness and wellness activities can notably alleviate the discomfort associated with labour. Additionally, we provide Meditation & Mindfulness classes where pregnant and postnatal clients can master effective breathwork and relaxation techniques. These straightforward methods can enhance comfort and confidence throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Research indicates that these classes not only helps in reducing labour pain but also offers significant mental health benefits for pregnant women and new mothers. Our pregnancy and postnatal classes in Northampton take a holistic approach to both mind and body wellness. They also serve as an excellent opportunity to connect with other mothers, fostering a supportive community, bonding with your unborn child, and alleviating anxieties related to pregnancy and childbirth.


Please be aware that pregnant participants are required to submit a medical clearance form from a midwife or doctor before joining the class, or alternatively, send a consent email to us at 

If you have further questions about yoga classes, we're here to help.

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