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DO's & Dont's

1. We are proud to provide you with a state of the art facilities and newest equipment on the market, so please be respectful and treat it with care.

2. Don't leave children or vulnerable members of family unattended. Children must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian prior and after classes.

4. Correct training clothing to be worn. No jeans or boots. Vests or t-shirts must be worn at all times. Muddy/dirty training clothes/footwear are not permitted. Dress appropriately for the style of exercise you're doing.

3. Secure bags and valuables in lockers. No bags allowed in the studios. Soo Yoga will not be liable for any lost or stolen items that have not been securely put away.

5. No smoking in any area, internally or externally of the studio.

6. No photographs/videos to be taken on the premises or inappropriate posts made on the internet about staff or other members, unless authorised by management.

7. Be respectful to others by arriving promptly to a class, late arrival may result in refused entry and full fee will still be charged.

8. Dropping of weights/dumbbells/

kettlebells is forbidden.

10. Excessive grunting, loud shouting will not be tolerated.

9. We ask members not to talk on mobile phones in the studios. 

11. If you're sick, stay at home.

12. Wipe down the yoga mats and equipment after use with wipes provided in each studio and use a towel.

14. Don't be a creeper (a.k.a. focus on yourself).

15. Respect other people's desire for quiet and personal space.

13. All weights/

dumbbells should be placed back in their correct storage location after use.

16. All members must have a sweat towel when training (rental towels available).

17. Help us to keep the facility in good condition by reporting any faults immediately to staff on duty or to reception.

18. Keep unsolicited advice to yourself.

19. Please bring a great attitude and a smile!

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