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Soo Yoga 200 hours Foundation Yoga Teacher Training and bonuses:

Our intensive training program spans over 10 weekends and aims to convert enthusiastic yoga practitioners and fitness professionals into proficient yoga instructors, equipped with the necessary skills to teach as soon as the course concludes. Our unique and in-depth training will include incredible bonuses exclusive ONLY to Soo Yoga Wellness Academy trainees:


Bonus 1 - 20 hours of Hot Yoga training

Bonus 2 - 20 hours of Vinyasa Flow Training

AND BONUS 3  - Wheel Yoga training - our unique CPD course with wheel yoga prop (usually £250) included for FREE!


The program runs on Fridays from 6-8 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 6:00 PM. The course can be taken online or in person. 

  • During the course, participants will learn how to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow type classes using correct and modern dialogue, verbal cues, and the art of adjustments & modifications for all levels and abilities

  • They will explore different teaching styles and the attributes of a good yoga instructor, as well as gain an understanding of the type of instructor they want to be and develop their confidence and unique teaching voice.

  • The course will cover postural alignment, providing a deeper understanding of how yoga postures should be performed, and how to correct common misalignments and offer modifications, both verbally and physically.

  • Students will also learn about anatomy and physiology and how they relate to yoga, as well as the physical and mental benefits of practising yoga.

  • The program also includes participating in our “in-house” Soo yoga classes, broadening our knowledge of different yoga styles, and developing daily practice, including meditation.

  • Other topics covered include basic first aid, ensuring student safety, and gaining insight into medical conditions that may inhibit hot yoga/yoga practice.

  • The history of yoga will also be explored, including examining different yoga forms and their origins, as well as studying yoga philosophy.

  • Finally, students will gain an understanding of the business of yoga and how to pursue a career as a yoga teacher.


Become a Teacher with us - why choose our training


On completion of the course, you will receive a Yoga Alliance Accredited Teaching Certificate. This is a very well-respected and recognised industry standard for you to obtain insurance and teach anywhere in the world!

  • Soo Yoga is an award-winning centre founded by Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga teacher Kristina Rihanoff (Pchenitchnykh) Kristina and her team understand how important it is to be a versatile teacher in a current ever-changing economy. This is why our unique training has extra bonuses for the most popular styles of yoga so you can confidently teach a big variety of classes after this course!

  • Our paramount priority is for our students to feel confident and safe during Teacher training and we are proud to say that Soo Yoga facilities are accredited as a CPD provider and Kristina is accredited with The CPD Group as an Accredited Trainer

  • Soo Yoga is known for its knowledgeable and versatile team of teachers but we are always on the lookout for new teachers too! Some of our graduates will have a real chance to start working at our Studios upon successful completion of the course!

  • In addition to preparing you to teach yoga classes with strong foundational knowledge that will allow you to branch out into other forms of yoga in the future, design and instruct a Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga classes and Wheel Yoga classes incorporating all principles from this ancient philosophy of living and taking care of our body and mind. During the course, you will be taught "Business mastery” by Kristina herself who has developed Soo Yoga centre from an idea in her head to the biggest yoga centre in the UK with 15 different styles of yoga classes. Upon completion of the course, you will have the necessary tools and skills to begin teaching at various yoga and fitness establishments, marking the beginning of your journey as a yoga instructor or perhaps becoming a yoga studio business owner.


Course Dates:


September 6-8,13-15, September 20-22 off, September 27-29,

October 4-6, October 11-13off, October 18-20, 25-27,

November 1-3off, November 8-10,15-17, November 22-24off,  Nov/Dec 29-1,6-8 


We conveniently structured the course to avoid major holidays and school breaks but most importantly that you can celebrate New Year being a certified Yoga teacher in 2025! The course can be taken in person or online but you must be present at all life lessons, it is NOT a course where you can watch recordings only.


10 modules over 4 months 2024 - please note that Friday training will be live lessons via zoom however you must be present online during those hours. Saturday and Sunday training must be in person at Soo Yoga or via live training on zoom. We do understand that due prescheduled holidays & breaks some modules might be missed however no more than 2 modules can be missed. In the event of you missing any of the modules in person or on zoom, the "catch up”  training must be done in 1-2-1 sessions with one of our senior teachers at the additional costs for private tuition at £65 an hour. 





Meet the team

Kristina is a world-renowned professional  dancer, and choreographer is most known for her 8 years of work on the BBC1 show “Strictly Come Dancing”
After leaving the show in 2016 and starting a family Kristina finally has turned her 20 years of yoga practice into a profession. She gained several qualifications as a yoga teacher and she founded Soo Yoga - an award-winning family wellbeing centre in Northampton.

Kristina has been a yoga devotee since 2001 and credits her regular yoga exercises during her professional and TV dance career for keeping her away from injuries and providing mental focus. Recently Kristina has developed an online Wellness academy with teacher training, workshops, and courses to share her passion for yoga with others. Her deep knowledge of coaching comes from over 25 years of teaching experience in the field of professional dancing. Her love for all yoga styles combined with daily practice has helped her to create unique yoga programs which she is excited to offer to her trainees.

Kristina Rihanoff (Pchenitchnykh)

Founder and co-owner of Soo Yoga wellbeing centre, Founder of Wellness Academy by Kristina Rihanoff
The CPD group accredited trainer, Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher, Yoga Alliance Certified

Yoga Qualifications: 200 hours Hot Yoga TT, Pre/Postnatal yoga; Children and Family yoga; Chair yoga for mobility issues; Antigravity Yoga, Fitness yoga, Baby massage and baby yoga, Pre/Postnatal Reformer Pilates, Reformer Pilates TT

Other qualifications: UK National Association of teachers of dance, adjudicator for British Dance council, DVIDA International dance Association certified teacher and adjudicator

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Jamie started his yoga journey 20yrs ago. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of Yoga he used his practice to bring strength, focus, and flexibility to his work as an Actor and West End Musical performer. As his practice deepened he realised the benefits stretched much further than just physical well being and decided to take his teacher training.
Jamie’s background in dance infuses a passion for linking breath and movement and exploring the creativity that Vinyasa and Flow can bring to traditional Hatha poses.


Jamie is trained in Yin, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Anatomy & Philosophy and is also qualified in unique Antigravity Yoga & Antigravity Yin yoga

He has been teaching at Soo Yoga since its opening in June 2019 and leads extremity popular antigravity, vinyasa, and flex & stretch classes.

Jamie Tayler

500 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher,

Yoga Alliance certified

Qualifications: Yin, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Anatomy & Philosophy and is also qualified in unique Antigravity Yoga & Antigravity Yin yoga

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Caroline is an established West End performer and TV choreographer trained with The Royal Academy of Dance in Ballet and the Imperial Dance association.

After winning a place at one of London’s prestige Stage Schools Laine Theatre Art graduating with an Honours In Musical theatre she started out as a backing dancer for Take That and Simply Red then went on to perform in critically acclaimed West end musicals playing the leading roles in Starlight Express, Cats, Oliver, and Footloose.

Like many professional dances, Caroline had a passion for yoga and it led her to complete her teacher training with Yoga Alliance Professionals. With 11 years of experience of being a teacher, Caroline is excited to be part of Soo Yoga teacher training and offer her knowledge and expertise to the trainees.

Caroline Arrowsmith

Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga

Alliance Certified

Qualifications: Yin, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Anatomy & Philosophy and is also qualified in unique Antigravity Yoga & Antigravity Yin yoga


Module 1: September 6-8

  • Kickoff Weekend - Overview of TT manual, Techniques, Syllabus

  • Introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga, History & Philosophy of yog

  • Main Paths of Yoga 

  • Introduction to asanas/poses 

  • Creating a manifest board 

Module 3: September 27-29

  • Hatha Yoga Weekend - 26 postures test 

  •  Dialogue, Adjustments, Benefits, Precautions, and Asana Styles

  • Styles of Teaching and Philosophy of Yoga 

  •  Introduction to Pranayama and Meditation

  • Understanding of Karma

Module 5: October 18-20

  • Vinyasa Yoga Weekend - the art of sequencing 

  • Styles of Teaching Vinyasa - Find your Flow 

  • Vinyasa asanas and its development 

  • Teach and Practice Sun Salutations 

  • "Teach the teachers” Test - Create your own sequence 

  • Anatomy & physiology - deeper study 



Module 7: November 8-10

  • Hot Yoga Teacher Training

  • Dialogue, Adjustments, Benefits, and Precautions

  • In depth understanding of each 26 postures & breath exercises known as Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga 

  • Students Safety for Hot Yoga - Do’s and Dont’s 

  • Modifications for each posture ( using yoga props and adjustments) 

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali paper due 


Module 9:  November 29 - December 1st 

  • 10-Minute Practicum and Feedback

  • Ethical Considerations for Yoga Teachers

  • Teaching Yoga Online

  • Preparing for Practicum

  • Business Mastery - Marketing and Creating Your Unique Style

  • Music and Atmosphere

  • Business of Yoga

  • Practice Teach

  • Bhagavad Gita Paper Due

  • Final Exam

Module 2: September 13-15

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga weekend 

  • Nutrition before and after yoga classes - wellness through food

  • Further study of asanas - key benefits, alignment, modifications 

Module 4: October 4-6

  • Asanas clinic - deep understanding & knowledge of postures, 

  • Standing Poses/ Backbends/ Inversions/Seated Poses 

  • Practicing teaching others - find your teaching voice 

Module 6: October 25-27

  • Yoga Nidra & Meditation - the art of Savasana for you and your clients 

  • Chakras, Mantras, Mudras, and Intention

  • Yogic Lifestyle 

  • Principles of Alignment, modifications for injuries and movement limitations 

  • Significance of number 108 in yoga  


Module 8: November 15-17

  • Wheel Yoga - history, benefits and style of classes 

  • Wheel yoga restorative and intermediate level

  • Yoga for all - the art of using yoga props 

  • When & why to use yoga props  - bolsters, meditation cushions, blocks, belts 



Module 10: Graduation  December 6-8 

  • Practicum Weekend - teaching your class 

  • Submission of Assignments

  • Graduation


*Pre-reading and learning sequence in Sanskrit and English
*2  Asana self-practices a week
*Daily self-practice medi
tation, pranayama and asanas
*Daily self-study of notes, Yoga Sutras, and Anatomy
*Reading of Bhagavad Gita & essay on Gita
*Observing 2 classes

*Teaching 1 class
*Exam/ Practicum
*Complete Guide and Teacher Training Manual
*The Yoga Sutras of Patanajali
*(Other books may be added and will be provided)

All supplement material, teacher training manual and books are included in Teacher Traning Cost, PLUS you will be gifted our branded eco-friendly yoga wheel for your wheel yoga weekend bonus!

Once your application is approved we will require a non-refundable £200 deposit to secure your place, this deposit will go toward your 1st payment for the whole Teacher Traning.

The full cost for the 10-module course is £2,500 However, if you make the full payment by September 1st, you can take advantage of the early-bird discount of £400!!!

That’s right - £2100 for the whole course if you pay in full by September 1st!

Other payments options - if you are unable to pay the course in full by September 1st we are happy to offer a payment plan in 4 instalments - 1st of August
£625, 1st of September £625, 1st October £625, 1st November £625

Please note if the payments aren’t received on the 1st of the month we can not allow you to participate in the training. All payments must be done via bank transfer only.

The course fee covers the cost of all study materials, books, yoga classes taught during the course weekends, and the mentor program.

The Ethos of training:

*For us it is all about integrity and therefore we will limit the number of students for our course. We want to provide the highest level of Teacher Traning possible and its important to us to know and understand each of our participants.


*We want to create a safe and enjoyable environment based on mutual respect and we want you to understand that the commitment to this training goes both ways - from us to you to deliver a  comprehensive course and from you to us by fully committing to the course which includes time, finances as well as support from your family on your new journey.

 *We understand that sometimes life situations can not be helped and we will work with you, help you and guide you in any way we can but we must treat all participants equally. Therefore please remember that all modules must be completed in order to be certified.

For any enquiries please email us on 

or Whatsapp us on +447825199550

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