Yoga & Exercise Classes for Seniors

Increases Balance

Cardiovascular Health

Improves Arthritis

Improves Wellbeing

Our exercise and yoga classes have been developed by experienced teachers and instructors to help you improve your flexibility, agility, aerobic health, balance and strength for overall wellbeing. You are welcome to enjoy any of our classes however please read descriptions carefully and find classes suitable for you. Most of the classes in our professional studios in Northampton, can be modified and can be done seated or standing depending on your ability.


Below is a list of classes designed specifically for seniors.


Get Active 60+

Mixersize 60+

Beginners Spin 50+

Get Movement 50+

Chair Yoga

For mobility issues & wheelchair users

Soo Yoga

Beginners Yoga

Pilates 60+

Soo Vital

Soo Zen

Zen for Men

Little Zen

Soo Family

Chakra Yoga

Vital Spirit Yoga

Wheel Yoga

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