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Used as a candle for relaxation time this is a solid balm that appears like a candle but works on your skin hair and cuticles. Packed with essential oils vitamins and fatty acids which help  to heal and repair your skin. The warm liquid can be used as an intense dry skin treatment suitable for psoriasis eczema and dry skin conditions. Could be used as a skin balm, massage oil, body lotion, cuticle softener and calm down very frizzy hair. It is also suitable for baby massage. Make sure to wait a couple of minutes after blowing the candle to cool down the liquid balm before applying on to skin.
This candle formulated by "Essentiel Vie" - the only skincare brand from mums to be approved and recommended by senior gynaecologist & obstetrician Dr Nadia Yousri


Intense Skin Care Candle

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