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Stronglines is the most innovative and forward-thinking physio, health and performance practice in Northamptonshire.


We have a very specific skill set that we can use to treat injury, chronic disease and enhance performance.

For Injury

By injury, we mean any pain or dysfunction associated with the ligaments, bones, cartilage, tendon, muscle, fascia and nerves of the human body. Whether it is a niggle or full-blown ligament reconstruction or joint replacement, we will develop a highly individualised programme encompassing multifaceted approaches to get the most out of your body’s ability to heal and restore functional skill.

For Performance

Over the years we have worked with a multitude of elite, semi-pro and amateur warriors. All of which require very specific and individualised programmes. Seasonal variations and periodisation of athletic development in elite individuals can prove challenging and the support networks are often only associated with in season or at big events. The semi-pro athlete often has to find their own support network – we can be that hub. For the amateur, working around work and family commitments is a huge challenge and one we are very good at finding hacks to get around.

For Cancer Rehab

We are well practiced in working around chronic conditions and diseases. Our physio mind ensures we deliver safe and effective treatment and our strength and conditioning skills allows us to guide you through exercise and target specific areas that can help you deal with your condition. For example, we have undertaken a specialist cancer rehabilitation certification, which makes us unique in the East Midlands and Northamptonshire. The benefits of exercise are well documented and heavily promoted for psychological, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.

The Magic Ingredient

We apply Strength and Conditioning techniques in our rehabilitation as our special interest. Why? Because it is the single most effective way to rehabilitate injury, manage chronic illness and enhance performance. We are dedicated to delivering real results that can change your life. We do not sell placebo treatments.

Our Treatment Toolbox includes

Orthopaedic and Surgical Pre and Post Rehabilitation

Cancer Specific Treatment and Rehabilitation

Youth Athletic Development

Injury Resilience Screening

Gait Analysis





Sports and Remedial Taping

Biomechanical and Postural Analysis

In your session we will assess you, provide you with a working diagnosis and initiate an effective programme that fits your lifestyle. The plan is a holistic and comprehensive strategy that encompasses every facet required for your recovery.




What do you do once you have achieved your goal? You reassess and make a new plan. This process includes:  


  • Carrying out injury resilience screening to highlight areas for investigation that could indicate an injury risk. We provide a programme of training to remove weakness.


  • Structuring your training programme to ensure your frequency, volume and intensity of training is appropriate to maintain gains in the absence of injury.


  • We ensure you have the physical properties required to carry out your desired activity.


We have an extensive network of the very best consultants and health care professionals enabling us to provide you with the ultimate healthcare experience. We are HCPC registered and work with many insurance providers.

Stronglines logo Pantone colour-01.png

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