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BABY MASSAGE & Reflexology

Recommended from 6 weeks to crawling (approx)

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things to happen to us, but it can also be overwhelming and sometimes feel like a challenge. This wonderful course brings all the benefits of baby massage, communicating and connecting to our baby through positive touch along with the additional benefits that Baby Reflexology brings.

Throughout the five week course you will learn some reflexology using the Tiny Toes Reflexage™️ Technique to help you naturally relieve and soothe your baby of any discomforts they may be struggling with such as teething, colic, constipation and congestion while also learning a deeply relaxing massage sequence that supports your baby in communicating their needs with us and strengthening the attachments bond we have with them.

Reflexology in babies is proven to be a highly effective way to calm and soothe them and can also help support and regulate their sleep.

With these two beautiful therapies combined, we aim to bring an amazing class for both baby and mummy.

We know that being a mummy can be a stressful business sometimes, spinning many plates at once, so you will also learn some reflexology for yourselves. It also helps promote relaxation for both mummy and baby in an enjoyable, relaxing and safe environment.


Everything is provided for you, however, we do recommend bringing a towel or muslin.

The amazing skill of baby massage will help you and your baby to:


  • Build and enhance the attachment bond you have together

  • Understand and communicate more effectively with one another

  • Aid the development of the brain and nervous system

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Soothe, ease and settle many of the common ailments that newborns face such as wind, colic, reflux and teething

  • Promote mental and physical wellbeing of both mother and child

  • Promote physical development and reaching milestones

  • Meet other parents with children of the same age


Recommended from 12 weeks to walking (approx).  Yoga is perfect for strong head holders.

We recommend completing the Baby massage course first then following on with Baby yoga.  However, they can be completed as individual courses in their own right - you don’t have to do one to do the other.


This 5 week baby yoga course is a fun and interactive way to spend some quality time with your baby, plus so many more benefits.  Throughout the course, you will learn lots of different baby yoga moves and poses designed to help your baby reach their developmental milestones. It also helps develop and strengthen the way you communicate with your little one as well as working on your baby’s coordination.
Through well known nursery rhymes and fun movement and poses for both mummy and baby, this is a fun and friendly class for everyone to enjoy.
Everything is provided for you, however, we do recommend bringing a towel or muslin.

The amazing benefits of baby yoga for you and your baby to:


  • Strengthen the attachment bond

  • Aid the development of the brain and nervous system

  • Develop babies balance, coordination and spatial awareness (vestibular and proprioceptive systems)

  • Stimulate muscle development and increase core strength

  • Promote mental and physical wellbeing of both mother and child

  • Promote physical development and reaching milestones

  • Be present with your baby and enjoy time together

  • Meet other parents with children of the same age

If you have any questions or would like a chat with our instructor,  please call us on 01604 621004 or email us at


Helen Weston

My name is Helen and I am a mum of 4 wonderful kids! I did baby massage with my youngest and fell in love with it so I took the decision to have a total career change and I am now a qualified baby massage, baby yoga and baby reflexology instructor.

These classes are really beneficial in so many ways. Particularly for strengthening the bond between mother and baby through positive touch, making them feel calm and relaxed, and also supporting physical, mental and emotional development in infants. I am passionate about supporting mothers and babies in the first few weeks/months after birth and beyond.

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon at our beautiful and safe Soo Yoga studio!

Spaces are limited to 10 people. 5 weeks course fee £59 - all props, oil and certificates provided. 

Tuesdays 10.00-10.45am 11/01/2021- 8/02/2022

Tuesdays 11.15-12:00pm 11/01/2021- 8/02/2022


Daddy & Baby massage
90min workshops

This 90 min session workshop is suitable for babies from 6 weeks to pre crawling and teaches daddy the baby massage technique whilst enhancing bonding and building confidence in handling baby. Spaces limited to 10 people. Workshop fee £24. All props, oils, certificates and a special gift for the little one are provided! 



Danielle Harry Corr

I'm so impressed with Baby Massage at SooYoga, lead by Helen Weston.
This class has helped my daughter sleep, relieved her colic and given us precious bonding time. It's also been a much needed social time for myself.


Helen is an absolute star. She greeted us like an old friend on arrival, explains everything in a clear and professional manner and always has a warm, friendly smile that puts both mum and baby at ease.
I love that we can continue the practice at home as Helen provides information sheets that even Dad can follow! The sensory section at the end of class is a huge bonus.


We're really looking forward to starting Baby Yoga with Helen in a few weeks.
SooYoga has such a great atmosphere and the facilities are top notch. It's an absolute pleasure to come here and is fast becoming the highlight of our week.


Here's to many more mum & daughter adventures!

Keali-Louise Hughes O' Neil

I really recommend Helen’s Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Classes. Helen is SO lovely and both my little ones absolutely loved Baby Massage! ☺️ I now put my eldest in the crèche whilst I attend the classes with my youngest. He loves it!! 😃 I also love being able to have a hot drink afterwards whilst my youngest sleeps 😘  It’s a much need break for all three of us ♥️

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