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Regularly reported benefits:

Instant traction on the spine (within

two to three minutes)

Core strength development

Relief of back pain and

possibly sciatica

Deeper backbends and

more open shoulders

Functional upper body and full

body strength development

What inversion therapy can do:

Increase range of motion, particularly in flexion and extension

Reduce herniated disk pain for injuries that are slight to mild (stage 1)

Add 1-2 mm of space between L4/L5 and L5/S1 vertebrae

Alleviate Lordosis

Reduce or calm activity in spinal muscles (measured in EMG (Electromyography)

Who should not do inversion therapy?

Pregnant women

People with stage 2+

herniated discs

People with Cardiovascular


People with Hypertension

People with Glaucoma


Jamie Tyler

Jamie attended his first yoga class in the early 2000’s. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of Yoga he used his practise to bring strength, focus and flexibility to his work as an Actor and West End Musical performer. As his practise deepened he realised the benefits stretched much further than just physical wellbeing and decided to take his teacher training.
Jamie’s background in dance infuses a passion for linking breath and movement and exploring the creativity that styles like Vinyasa Flow can bring to traditional Hatha poses. He is fully trained in Anti Gravity/Trapeze yoga with YogaBody and also certified in Yin, Restorative, Meditation and Hot yoga.


Jamie is known for his very caring approach toward his clients which made him one of the most popular teachers at Soo Yoga.



Frequently Asked Questions Q:

What is Anti Gravity Yoga?


Anti Gravity (also known as Trapeze yoga) is a relatively new and special type of yoga that uses yoga sling which allows students to perform all those postures they are not able to attempt on the yoga mat. It is also thought to be beneficial for people who have back pain on spend a lot of time sitting thanks to the decompressing effect on the body. The history of this yoga goes back to 100 yrs. The late and great yoga master, B. K. S. Iyengar was the first who popularised the using of props in yoga. Although there were many more yogis over the thousands of years who have used devices and hanged upside down from trees but Iyengar created a complete practice that included accessories like blocks, straps or ropes and improvised inversion slings.


In 2001, a physical therapist in the US, Antonio Cardenas developed a device similar to the one that is used today both in Aerial Yoga and Yoga Trapeze and also dubbed the “Yoga Swing” while founder of “YOGABODY”, Lucas Rockwood, created the Yoga Trapeze after he first discovered the inversion slings in Thailand, 2004.

The most important thing is that the use of the suspended slings allows the execute of movements that help with spinal decompression, and improve flexibility and natural health of muscles and joints. The constant suspension and swinging makes the body engage more muscles then traditional exercises performed on the ground.


Q: What Anti Gravity Yoga courses are offering?

A. - Fundamentals of using the sling

- Floor based asanas

- Suspension asanas

- Handstands and arm balances

- Restorative asanas


Q: Can anyone do this? How hard it is?

A: Provided one does not have any health limitations listed below anyone who has an open mind and willingness to learn something new can do Anti Gravity Yoga!


Q: Will I be successful in my first class?

A: Yes! Everyone leaves the class a success! There is no competition nor ego encouraged. Everyone works at their own pace!


Q: Do I need to be a yoga practitioner or physically fit?

A: No. You can be a complete beginner but you will need an open mind and have a go at some new things like hanging upside down!

Who should not do inversion therapy?

· Pregnant women
· People with stage 2+ herniated discs · People with cardiovascular disease
· People with hypertension
· People with glaucoma

  Postnatal women - please wait at least 12 weeks and consult your midwife before booking this course

Children under 16yrs of age


Health check BEFORE you sign up for this course :

If any of the below applies to you, please speak to your doctor before attending an Anti Gravity class :

-Recent Surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist)

-Heart disease or very high or low blood pressure

-Easy onset vertigo

-Osteoporosis / bone weakness

-Recent head injury

-Cerebral sclerosis

-Propensity for fainting

-Carpal tunnel syndrome

-Severe arthritis

-Sinusitis or head cold

-Hiatal hernia

-Disc herniation or acute discogenic disease

-Recent stroke

-Artificial hips

-Radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine)

-Severe muscle spasms

-Botox injections or facial fillers (within 24hours) 


Q: What do I wear / bring?

A: We strongly recommend wearing:

-Workout wear that covers the armpits and legs.

-Cotton or cotton blend fabric is best (non-slippery).

-Tops: Comfortable but tighter fit so it stays in place when you go upside down

-Bottoms: Leggings or comfortable stretchy yoga pants

-Undergarments: Sports bra for females, fitted bottoms for men.

Remember, you will be upside down.

-No socks unless they are grippy.



PLEASE BRING WITH YOU a Bottle of water, an open mind and a smile!



A: We recommend having a light meal 60min before the class. As we will be using a lot of your energy for fun but fitness moves it is important to have something nutritious before the class not to heavy. Please do not come on completely empty stomach either to prevent dizziness.

Q: What if I am afraid to do some asanas ( postures) during the class?

A: Every class will start with breath work which aids relaxation and helps bring your body and mind to unity. It is totally normal to feel a little fear but just channel it into excitement of trying new things and our qualified and experienced instructors will help you every step of the way.



Q: How will I feel after?

A: After class you will be stretched to your maximum height, varying between ¼" to 1½" taller, unfortunately, the effects are not cumulative. You will also feel light refreshed and energised due to healing and rejuvenating effect of being upside down on our parasympathetic nerve system.

other memberships

All memberships are available to purchase.

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