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Yoga Classes for Children in Northampton

Family Bond

Reduces Anxiety

Improves Wellbeing

In India and Asia children practice yoga as soon as they are able to walk and understand. Children are natural yogis and yoginis - from birth they are flexible and they breathe in natural rhythms. Watch babies and children at play and you will see them spontaneously adopt yoga 'poses'. They have an awareness of their bodies, their feelings and their health - the interconnectedness of mind and body that is yoga.

Our kids yoga, here in Northampton, helps promote a healthy body, without the competitiveness that comes with most sports. Your children will learn how to manage stress through breathing exercises; you will also see a significant improvement in self-regulation, focus, and empathy; improved health and confidence; may even notice them having a better night's sleep. Children's yoga promotes inclusivity and improves their concentration, coordination and balance. There are different classes for each age group that involves games, playful exercises, movement and storytelling to develop body awareness, imagination and help achieve a relaxed state of mind.


Here at Soo Yoga we aim to provide a wide range of parent and child classes where families can spend quality time together, develop an incredible bond and trust while having fun. Family yoga is a fantastic way to exercise together and improve whole family wellbeing. In our age-appropriate classes set in a calming supportive and happy environment  you and your children will learn relaxation breathing and mediation technique through various games and movements. 


Couples & doubles

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