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Pregnancy & PRENATAL Yoga Classes in Northampton

Reduces Labour Pain

Reduced Anxiety

Improves wellbeing

This yoga class takes a more gentle approach with simpler postures that are modified to suit each and every stage of your pregnancy. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you don't start until your second trimester (12 weeks), which will also be a time when you're less likely to feel tired and sick during the class. Some yoga instructors advise that if your baby was conceived using IVF, you should wait until about 20 weeks before starting classes. 


The severity of the discomfort experienced during labour can be significantly reduced due to yoga. By using simple breathing and meditation techniques you can feel more comfortable and confident during pregnancy and birth experiences. Studies show that yoga helps to reduce labour pain as well as provide mental benefits for pregnant women and also after giving birth. Our prenatal yoga classes in Northampton, work holistically on the mind and body and they are also a great place to meet and build a support network of other mothers, create a bond with the unborn baby and relieve anxiety connected with pregnancy and labour.


Please note pregnant students will need to provide a medical release form from a midwife/doctor before attending this class.


Prenatal Yoga


As a new mum easing your way back into exercise, this is a wonderful opportunity to start slow and also a perfect way to bond with your baby. Whether you're new to yoga or reconnecting with it, this class will restore your sense of well being, by using gentle yoga techniques so you can practice with your baby. Mother/Baby (antenatal) yoga classes have many benefits such as improved sleep; strengthening and toning your muscles, especially abdominals, pelvic floor and back; encourages you and your baby to find time and space for relaxation; using breath to increase calm and confidence; promotes understanding of your baby's development. Just remember, it is important to have your six/eight-week check (10-12 weeks for a cesarean) with your GP before starting classes, as you don't want to risk injuring yourself by going back to exercise too soon. It is also recommended that you wait until all lochia (bleeding) has completely stopped.






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