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BABY MASSAGE & MUMMY NURTURE 5 weeks course (recommended from 5weeks to crawling (approx).

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things to happen to us, but it can also be overwhelming and sometimes feel like a challenge.

This wonderful 5 weeks course brings all the benefits of baby massage communicating and connecting to our baby through positive touch. 


Throughout the five week course you will learn baby massage technique to help you naturally relieve and soothe your baby of any discomforts they may be struggling with such as teething, colic, constipation and congestion. Our deeply relaxing massage sequence will support your baby in communicating their needs and strengthening the attachments bond between you and the baby.

Baby massage is a highly effective way to calm and soothe the newborns and can also help support and regulate their sleep. 


Each course includes five classes by 30 minutes - exactly the same format as our in person classes. Just like with our classes is Studio you will receive all supplements materials plus a luxury gift - baby oil (for baby massage) and skincare products for mums and babies from multiple awards winning company Essentiel Vie worth £30! 

Online Baby Massage 5 Weeks Course

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